We're excited to present our massively talented new letter artist, Skyler Chubak. We're sure you'll love the work and experience he has to offer. To see it first hand check out his recently launched Chalk Lettering Class!

My name is Skyler.

I am a traditional lettering artist. I am 26 years old and live in Salt Lake City, Utah. I started pursuing calligraphy in high school and have been learning ever since. My work is largely influenced by turn of the century penmen, engrossers, glass gilders and embossers, sign writers, engravers, letterhead designers, and letter carvers. I am currently working on learning all of those things. I have spent the last 5 years traveling to various calligraphy, sign, and lettering workshops and have learned from some of the greatest in the field. My goals in art are to master the craft of traditional lettering and apply it to all manner of work. My skills are far from royal, but you can find me on instagram at @letter.queen and online at