Hello Chris!

Chris Esplin graduated from Brigham Young University in 2007 with bachelors degrees in Economics and Finance. He thought he'd go on to be a consultant or a banker, earn an MBA and become a captain of industry. After graduation, Chris and his new wife Melissa moved to Menlo Park, California—the heart of Silicon Valley—where Chris took a job as an economic analyst.

The financial crises of 2007-2008 changed Chris's plans. He lost his job in Menlo Park and the family retreated back to Utah, moving into a tiny bungalow in downtown Salt Lake City.

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Economic Analyst to Front-End Web Developer

Chris managed to find work as a Financial Analyst, but the pay was much lower than he had earned in California, and the work was less interesting. He knew he needed a change, so he threw himself into learning to program. The process took a few years, but he eventually started a new career as a Front-End Web Developer and has never looked back.

Chris does some freelance and corporate work, but, and his three kids have taken over his life. He loves the web and hopes to work for his wife Melissa forever and ever.