Hi Erika!

Erika is a fantastic calligrapher with a deep well of artistic knowledge. Erika's work ranges from fine art pieces, wedding designs and logos to signage and textiles. She earned a BFA in Illustration and Design from Brigham Young University, where she developed her early love of letters and became a practicing calligrapher. Since college she has expanded into new styles and continued her lettering arts education by studying under talented calligraphers including Maurice Scanlon, Jim Fedor, Nancy Nay, Glen Raty, Mike Kesceg, Carrie Imai, Marie English and Ron Tate.

Erika and Melissa work together to provide beginner students feedback on their work (see our Modern Calligraphy Class). Not only is Erika an ace calligrapher, but she's also a great teacher who knows how to give constructive critiques.